Note: VectorWorks files will be provided upon request. Please contact           Spenser Lowe, Technical Director & Facilities Manager        928-684-6684

US60 to Vulture Mine Road

Entrance to high school campus

Bus and truck entrance

Webb Center loading dock

2-truck loading dock

Lobby set for speaker event

Atrium setup for talks

Lobby Space

Atrium space

Lobby Space

Atrium from catering room

Atrium from ticket window

Atrium event

Loading dock to stage access

House from upstage

View of house from the stage

House from upstage

House right lighting position

House center lighting position

House left lighting position

Speaker Map

FOH speaker map

Sound board

FOH Mix Position SC48 Remote

Sound board

FOH audio footprint

Lighting console in booth GrandMA2


Proscenium from booth

Apron from SL/EAW front fills

Tie-in power (400a 100a)

SR fly and pin rail

Stage left

Stage left to loading dock

Midas Sienna Analog Monitor Console

On deck sound board

Yamaha M7CL 48 Digital
Monitor Console

On deck sound board

Yamaha M7CL 48 Digital
Monitor Console

On deck sound board

SL Digital Monitor position

SL Analog Monitor position

On deck sound board

SL Analog Monitor space

On deck sound board

SL Digital Monitor space

Webb Center stage

From dock to stage

Webb Center stage

Onstage to dock

back hallway to basement

Back hall crossover to dressing rooms


Elevator to dressing rooms

B Lounge

Lounge area

B Lounge Dining Area

Dining area

B Lounge Kitchen Area

Kitchen space

Dressing Room 1

Dressing Room 1

Dressing Room 3

Dressing Room 2

Dressing Room 1

Dressing Room 3

B Lounge Shower

Shower in Dressing Room 3


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1090 S. Vulture Mine Road
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On the campus of
Wickenburg High School

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2001 W. Wickenburg Way
Suite 3
Wickenburg, Arizona 85390
Summer Hours:
9 am – 5 pm

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