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Legacy Society

The Webb Center’s “Legacy Society” offers you the opportunity to join others who have made a charitable contribution to the Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts through a bequest or estate plan. Remembering the Center through a planned gift ensures that our programs and services remain viable for years to come while advancing your own financial plan.

Planned Gift Options

The reason for making a gift to the Webb Center may be different for each donor — to honor a loved one, to support a tradition of excellence or to express gratitude for a service well-performed.  Whatever the motivation, a planned gift will give you the assurance that you are leaving a legacy to a financially solid not-for-profit organization that will continue to serve your vision for a vibrant arts community.

Let Us Thank You

If you have included the Webb Center in your estate plans, please let us know. We would like to thank you for your generosity, and recognize you as a member of the Legacy Society. To learn more about our recognition opportunities, please view our document:

There are many options for making a gift. For questions or more information on joining the Legacy Society, please contact Janet Glueckert-Lang, Development and Advertising Manager:

American Ballet Theatre

Photo: American Ballet Theatre Studio Company

Warnock-Carman Family

Photo: The Warnock & Carman Family

Planned Giving and the Legacy Society

Leaving a gift to a program, such as Camp Imagination, can ensure its continuation for future years.

Planned giving is any gift given for any amount and purpose. As a donor, you have the option to choose between an unrestricted or restricted gift — you can determine how your gift will be used. Please view our “Creating a Lasting Legacy” document to learn more about supporting Webb Center programs for the future.

Structuring a planned gift deserves time and careful thought.  As you explore these and other options, we suggest that you consult a financial advisor such as your attorney or accountant.

Legacy Society Members

We honor those who have made a lasting commitment by including a charitable gift to the Webb Center in their estate plan:

Gail & John Allan
Robert C. Beacham Jr. &
Donella R. Martin
Thomas & Peggy Bell
Alex & Jane Boyd
John & Dita Daub
Marion J. Davidson
Gail Ditto

John & Michelle Freise
Dr. Handler & Diana Handler
George & Mary Jo Hellick
Henry & Sharon Hewitt
Jon & Linda Hopkins
Marjorie Johnson
Charles T. Klein
Katherine Manning

Doris Needham
Sonya J. Rensch
Shirley B. Shinn
Dave & Lynn Tagge
Eloise Walter
Brian & Wanda Warnock
Diane Wilhelm