Webb Center holds Spring emergency preparedness training

Wickenburg Fire Department giving a CPR/AED refresher course to volunteers.

Wickenburg Fire Department giving a CPR/AED refresher course to volunteers.

After successfully conducting an emergency preparedness training session in October for over 50 volunteers, the Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts welcomed Spring season volunteers with a similar session on Friday, January 10.

The Webb Center again partnered with the Wickenburg Police Department, Fire Department, and Wickenburg Unified School District for a mock fire evacuation of all personnel from the facility. Volunteers were trained in the appropriate primary and secondary exits for all seating areas and were able to experience fire alarm procedures.

The Fire Department conducted a brief CPR and AED course. The training session, including a medical emergency drill and mock power outage, was organized and conducted by the Webb Center’s Safety and Security Manager, Blaise Wingert.

“Because the Webb Center is located on the Wickenburg High School campus, volunteers learned about ‘shelter-in-place’ scenarios, which refers to locking down the facility when a threatening person is on the campus,” said Wingert.

The mandatory training was part of the Webb Center’s emergency procedures and protocol as outlined in the Emergency Action Plan. The Plan describes the role of staff and volunteers in a variety of emergency situations to ensure the safety of patrons and students attending a performance.

For more information on volunteering or the Webb Center’s training program, please contact Blaise Wingert at 928-684-6624 or visit www.dewpac.org/volunteers.

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