Legacy Society

The Webb Center “Legacy Society” offers you the opportunity to join others who have made a charitable contribution to the Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts through a bequest or estate plan. Remembering the Center through a planned gift ensures that our programs and services will remain viable for years to come while advancing your own financial plan.

The reason for making a gift to the Webb Center may be different for each donor – to honor a loved one, to support a tradition of excellence or to express gratitude for a service well-performed.  Whatever the motivation for your gift, a planned gift can give you the assurance that you are a good steward of your assets by increasing the benefits for yourself, family members, and the organization receiving the gift.

Planned Giving and the Legacy Society

 Planned giving is any gift given for any amount and purpose for current or deferred use which is carefully considered by a donor and may require the assistance of a financial advisor or other qualified person. As a donor, you have the option to choose between an unrestricted or restricted gift – you can determine how your gift will be used.

Types of Accepted Planned Gifts

Bequest – provision made in your will or trust – can be a specific amount or a percent of your estate.

Charitable Remainder Trust – transfers your assets to a Trust which ultimately can be distributed to the Webb Center after the death of the last income beneficiary.

Charitable Lead Trust – transfer assets to a trust that provides income to the Webb Center for a period of years and reverts back to the donor or anther designee.

Retirement Plan Assets – gifts from retirement plans offers distinct tax advantages.

Life Insurance Plans – you can transfer ownership of an existing policy to the Web Center or purchase an insurance policy which names the Webb Center as the beneficiary or owner.

Real Estate – variety of qualified opportunities.

There are many options for making a gift. For questions or more information on joining the Legacy Society, please contact Shelby Fuller, Director of Events and Fundraising at sfuller@dewpac.org or call 928-684-6610.



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