Putting the ‘mock’ in democracy

Performing in Wickenburg the week of the Presidential Inauguration is a guarantee of up-to-the-minute satire from Capitol Steps!  No matter if your politics lean toward the left or right, blue or red, every politician is fair game to the acclaimed humor troupe.

The show is a free-for-all that takes aim at the hot topics of the current political landscape and pokes fun at everyone in politics by digging into the headlines of the day and creating song parodies and skits, which convey a special brand of satirical humor.

The group was founded in 1981 by a team of congressional staffers. They were planning to present some sort of entertainment for a Christmas party. According to the group, its first idea was to stage a Nativity play, but this fell apart when it realized that finding three wise men or a virgin in the whole of Congress would be a daunting task.

Since then, the group has carried on with its own brand of politically influenced comedy, taking shots at both sides of the aisle. The shows are punctuated with songs spoofing current events and prominent political leaders with titles such as “Obama Mia,” “Liberal Shop of Horrors” and “Desperate Housemembers.”

Capitol Steps is performing Friday, January 25 at 7:30 p.m. at the Webb Center. Find more information and a video preview here.

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