Apply to be a Camp Imagination Volunteer!

This event has passed.
April 17, 2017 @ 9:00 am
April 19, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
Webb Center Box Office
We are currently seeking energetic volunteers to help with the Webb Center’s exciting, fifteenth annual Camp Imagination, June 5 – 16 (Session 1) and June 19 – 30 (Session 2).

We need the assistance of exciting volunteers, like you, to share in camp activities, help camp run smoothly and create a great experience for all participants. Volunteers are required to be physically able to participate in activities with the campers, such as karate and comedy improv, as well as have an outgoing and enthusiastic demeanor.

Due to an overwhelming interest, we anticipate having more willing volunteers than is needed. While we appreciate the time and enthusiasm of those who are interested, this year, we will be limiting the number of volunteers to 25 per day.

The Webb Center reserves the right to select those volunteers that we believe would be the best fit for Camp Imagination. We have determined that this would be the best way to maintain a quality arts experience for our campers, teaching artists and volunteers alike.

Those volunteers who wish to apply to volunteer for the full two weeks may do so on Monday, April 17 starting at 9 am in the Webb Center Box Office. Those selected will be notified on Tuesday, April 18 and will be able to pre-register their campers at that time.

Volunteers available for less than the full two weeks may apply for any remaining volunteer positions on Wednesday, April 19 starting at 9 am in the Webb Center Box Office. Applications received after April 19 will not be considered. Those selected will be notified on Thursday, April 20 and will be able to pre-register their campers at that time.

Once the 25 daily volunteer spots are filled for both sessions, those not selected to volunteer will be asked to register their campers when it opens to the public on Saturday, April 22 at 10 am at the Webb Center Box Office.

On the enclosed form, please check which days you are available to volunteer, your preference of age group and the name of an emergency contact. Volunteers need to work a minimum of 2 days per week or 4 days total per session.

We will do our best to assign you to the age group you requested, but please be aware we may assign you to a position where we have a greater need for assistance. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding. Volunteer assignments will be available during the mandatory orientation meeting and may change due to other volunteer absences or camp needs. Please let us know in advance if you will not be able to volunteer on a day you selected. If you need to cancel or change a day please contact at the Box Office 928-684-6624.

There is a MANDATORY meeting for all volunteers on Sunday, June 4, at 6:00PM for Session 1 and Sunday, June 18, at 6:00PM for Session 2 in the Webb Center. Your attendance will help you understand how camp works and how you can best help in the classroom. You will be familiarized with fellow volunteers and have the opportunity to ask questions. You will also receive a schedule of the activities and a tour of the campus. We ask that you attend this meeting even if you have volunteered in the past. Every year there are changes to Camp Imagination that continue to improve its quality and engagement of campers. Also, new volunteers need to know who you are as they will look to you for any assistance.

Thank you in advance for graciously willing to volunteer to help with the Webb Center’s Camp Imagination. The children of Wickenburg and our surrounding communities will directly benefit from your efforts. The camp could not be a success without your help and you will be glad you volunteered!


5 Comments on Apply to be a Camp Imagination Volunteer!

  1. Hilary Rigo says:

    The download link for volunteer application doesn’t work. Looking forward to being able to help this year if I can!

  2. Nancy Campbell says:

    I did not realize that volunteer sign up was prior to camp registration. I would like to submit my name for possible consideration if someone is unable to fulfill their commitment.

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