African drummers thunder on Webb Center stage

One of the greatest percussion ensembles in the world, the Royal Drummers and Dancers of Burundi are a spectacle of music and dance. Full of energy, grace and pure athleticism, they hammer out compelling rhythms while leaping, dancing and singing over their waist-high drums. The drummers and dancers will be performing on the Webb Center stage on Saturday, November 10 at 7:30 pm.

With a rhythm, dance and performance that is unparalleled, Burundi’s top drummers have been touring the world since the 1960s. Their vibrant power and precision on twenty drums originally accompanied kings of the central African nation. Their dance and drumming performances are based on ancient sacred traditions that have been passed down from father to son for centuries, yet these distinctive early rhythms are as electrifyingly modern as any contemporary beat.

Originally used exclusively for ceremonial occasions, the distinctive drums are made from hollowed tree trunks and animal skins. Their complex percussive music continues to be played at home as part of ceremonies linked to the land, its traditional rulers and its fertility.

Witness ancient Burundi culture with its thunderous percussive rhythms and mesmerizing movements brought to the stage by this remarkable ensemble! Tickets for the performance range from $25 – $45 for adults and are $5 for 18 and under. For seating availability, call the Webb Center Box Office at (928) 684-6624.

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  1. diane cameron says:

    While the first 40 mins. of the drummers was great, they did nothing different in the second 40 mins. and that was sad. I am sure they could have shared more of their culture in other dances . I was disapointed.

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