CathyCathy Weiss

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.  Blockin’ out the scenery…” – Five Man Electrical Band

Executive Director

Call Me About: Booking Artists, Renting the Theater, Sponsorship, Artist Residencies


 TimTim Huff

“Tear down the wall!” – Pink Floyd

Technical Director
Facilities Manager

Call Me About: Technical Advancing
Click here to visit the Webb Center’s technical page.

DevinDevin Froelicher

“Don’t mess around with the demolition man” – The Police

Sound Engineer
Call Me About: Audio

Mike on flyMike Finley


Call Me About: Rigging

StephanieStephanie Fornoff

“If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning” – Peter, Paul & Mary

Director of Marketing and Box Office Operations

Call Me About: Tickets, Grants, Membership, Marketing

ShelbyShelby Fuller

“She works hard for the money” – Donna Summer

Events Coordinator

Call Me About: Contracts, Accounts Payable, Press Releases, Artist Hospitality, Advancing Shows

BlaiseBlaise Wingert

“We built this city, we built this city on rock and roll” – Jefferson Starship

Box Office Representative
Safety & Security Manager

Call Me About: Tickets, Membership, Volunteers

Camp Imagination 2013: Session 2
Taylor Tomczyk

Box Office Representative
Student Intern

Call Me About: Tickets, Playbill Advertisements

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  1. John Schneider is coming to the Webb Center in March next year. I wrote a book about him entitled “My Hero is a Duke…. of Hazzard.”

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