UPDATED: Camp Imagination’s The Music Man audition results

The Webb Center held auditions for the production of The Music Man on Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7. Thirty-six students auditioned for lead roles in the Camp Imagination musical; two casts of eighteen students each were chosen for the two sessions of camp. The first session of Camp Imagination runs from June 6– 17; second session runs June 20-July 1.

Auditions were open to all students enrolled in this year’s Camp Imagination entering the sixth grade or higher. “We had more students try out than ever before and everyone had a great audition,” commented Cathy Weiss, Executive Director of the Webb Center. “Our two casts are a wonderful mix of long-time campers and younger students who will have their first lead this year.”

The students chosen for main roles (called “Centerstage”) will spend the two weeks of Camp learning the show as an ensemble and depending on each other for success. The Centerstage cast members for the first session are: Harold Hill – Brian Walker, Marian Paroo – Ivonne Acero, Marcellus Washburn – Isaiah Carman, Mayor Shinn – Joey Sweeney, Eulalie Shinn – Hailey Wingert, Mrs. Paroo – Jade Meintjes, Winthrop – Coleman Rigo, Charlie Cowell/Tommy Djilas – Peter Tavary, Salesman#1/Oliver Hix – Kiley McTighe, Salesman#2/Jacey Squires – Tenacity Hughes, Salesman#3/Olin Britt – Jacob Hodgkiss, Salesman#4/Ethel Toffelmier – Tristen Johnson, Salesman#5/Ewart Dunlop – Alexa Walter, Alma Hix – Breanna Babb, Maud Dunlop – Jane Hahn, Mrs. Squires – Yesmeen Duncan. The following students will take regular classes and join Centerstage to learn their roles: Amaryllis – Megan Ullery, Zaneeta Shinn – Megan Walters.

The Centerstage cast members for the second session are: Harold Hill – Caleb Demeter, Marian Paroo – Emily Hobrock, Marcellus Washburn – Pedro Salazar, Mayor Shinn – Chase Perkins, Eulalie Shinn – Angel Page, Mrs. Paroo – Emmi Perkins, Winthrop – Jimmy Rogers, Charlie Cowell/Tommy Djilas – Luke LaRocca, Salesman#1/Oliver Hix – Maddy Spillane, Salesman#2/Jacey Squires – Saige Zobel, Salesman#3/Olin Britt – Nicole Reithal, Salesman#4/Ethel Toffelmier – Mary Montgomery, Salesman#5/Ewart Dunlop – Katy Stahlhut, Alma Hix – Jessica DeShazo, Maud Dunlop – Raquel Rose, Mrs. Squires – Emily Ayers, Conductor/Amaryllis – Addie Root. The following students will take regular classes and join Centerstage to learn their roles: Zaneeta Shinn – Ashley Sorensen, Gracie Shinn – Brianna Fornoff.

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