Camp Imagination’s Aladdin audition results

The Webb Center held auditions for the production of Disney’s Aladdin on Friday, May 8 and Saturday, May 9. Thirty-four students auditioned for lead roles in the Camp Imagination musical; two casts of twelve students each were chosen for the two sessions of camp. The first session of Camp Imagination runs from June 1– 12; second session runs June 15-26.

Auditions were open to all students enrolled in this year’s Camp Imagination entering the sixth grade or higher. “We had more students try out than ever before and everyone had a great audition,” commented Cathy Weiss, Executive Director of the Webb Center. “Our two casts are a wonderful mix of long-time campers and younger students who will have their first lead this year.”

The students chosen for main roles will spend the two weeks of Camp learning the show as an ensemble and depending on each other for success. The cast members for the first session are: Narrator 1 – Jessica DeShazo, Narrator 2 – Jade Meintjes, Narrator 3 – Abigail Diering, Narrator 4 – Alexa Walter, Narrator 5 – Tristen Johnson, Aladdin – Joey Sweeney, Genie – Madelyn Benavidez, Jasmine – Emily Hobrook, Jafar – Cody Rogers, Iago – Isaiah Carmen, Sultan – Brian Walker, Razoul – Luke La Rocca.

The cast members for the second session are: Narrator 1 – Hailey Wingert, Narrator 2 – Kaylie Mills, Narrator 3 – Courtney Jones, Narrator 4 – Kenna Bemis, Narrator 5 – Addie Root, Aladdin – Caleb Demeter, Genie – Emmi Perkins, Jasmine – Rachel Eroh, Jafar – Chase Perkins, Iago – Katy Stahlhut, Sultan – Pedro Salazar, Razoul – Jacob Hodgkiss.

The first session’s performance of Disney’s Aladdin is Friday, June 12 at 6:30 pm. All children registered for Camp will perform on-stage or operate the technical equipment for the show. Tickets are $7 for adults, $5 for students, and are available through the Webb Center’s Box Office (928)684-6624.

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