Camp Imagination Audition Results

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  The Cast of Happily Ever After…A Cinderella Tale is official!

Thank you to all of the Campers that scheduled an audition and put themselves out there in front of a panel of judges.  Congratulations, you have now accomplished something that is very difficult to do as a young person.  We know it was a herculean effort on your part; and for many, pretty scary.

We at Camp Imagination are grateful for the huge numbers of campers that auditioned for lead roles in the musical Happily Ever After… A Cinderella Tale.  We are proud of you, each and every one!  With 43 auditions and only 24 parts for both sessions of Camp, it was extremely difficult to make the decisions in casting these shows.

If you did not receive a lead role, KEEP COMING BACK!  Each audition makes you stronger as an actor and an individual.  The Mainstage Camp this year will be in the song “A Ball in the Hall of the Palace,” perform two dance numbers and in the Finale.  Costuming will be fun for this show too!

If you were selected for a lead role, congratulations!   You are officially a member of the Centerstage Camp and have a huge responsibility to the rest of the Campers.  Please come to Camp Imagination, the first day, with your lines and your music fully committed to memory.

Scripts and music will be available on Thursday, May 18 at 3 pm in the Webb Center Box Office, located on the second floor of the UMB Bank building at 2001 West Wickenburg Way.

Once again, congratulations to all for being bold, courageous and talented!


                                                                       Session 1                              Session 2

Ella                                                              Amarah Friedman                 Emily Hobrock

Stepmother                                             Hailey Wingert                       Jade Meintjes

Griselda                                                    Mary Montgomery                 Addie Root

Esmerelda                                                Alexa Walter                           Katy Stahlhut

Ursala                                                         Mattea Carman                      Hannah Kelley

Wanda                                                         Gianna Caniglia                      Jane Hahn

Prince                                                           Isaiah Carman                       Joey Sweeney

Menkin                                                          Yesmeen Duncan                  Haley Byler

Taliman                                                       Chance Oldham                     Josiah Garduno

Rupert Regal                                              Megan Ullery                         Luke LaRocca

Seymour the Scroll Holder                   Coleman Rigo                        Liam LaRocca

Maxwell the Messenger                         Kate Cosgrove-Hodges          Tyler Johnson

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4 Comments on Camp Imagination Audition Results

  1. Diana Conly says:

    Will the parents of the camp goers be emailed prior to the start of camp?

    • Laura Stahlhut says:

      Hi Diana,

      Parents of second session campers will receive their intro email on June 9.


  2. Joe Ann Hancock says:

    I have an 11 year old granddaughter who comes to see me in June every year, can I enroll her for 2018?

    • Laura Stahlhut says:

      Good Morning Joe Ann,

      Registration for next year’s Camp Imagination will be held in April of 2018. You will be able to find information regarding registration in the spring, either on our website or Facebook page. You are also welcome to call our Box Office for specific information as the time approaches.



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